Release 12.4 | 07.28.2017

Greetings from your AgilityHealth Team!

Release 12.4 is live! Our team has been working on several enhancements and bug fixes that will improve the user experience of several of our features.

Here’s what’s new!

  • Kanban board will no longer ask for confirmation when moving Growth Items between status columns
  • Benchmarking can now look at all previous assessments not just the most recent assessment
  • AgilityHealth partners can now utilize their logos on our PDF exports within the tool
  • Users can now filter Growth Items by tags on the Growth Item Dashboard
  • Team Member invitations to view radar results in AgilityHealth can now be set at the Company Level and revisited at the Team Level. A Facilitator can now chose when or if the team members will get login access from the Review & Launch page during the assessment creation process.


AgilityHealth Team

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