Release 12.2 | 06.16.2017

Greetings from your AgilityHealth Team!

Release 12.2 is live! Our team has been working on several enhancements this sprint. We have updated the Enterprise Dashboard to allow users to change all widgets based on survey type, we have updated our Bench-marking feature to allow Teams & Programs to benchmark themselves against all of AgilityHealth, and we are currently working on making our site responsive on all devices and web browsers!

Check out more details below!

Responsive Views – Team Dashboard

Our team is working on making our entire site responsive on all devices and web browsers! We have added responsiveness to our Team Dashboard and our Login pages which can now be viewed on mobile devices and will adjust properly to different sized windows. We will be rolling out several new responsive pages over the next few releases so stay tuned to see more!

TeamHealth Maturity  Widget 

This widget shows the health of the teams relative to the existing stages. This can be particularly useful in cases where their health my not be in line with their current stage, e.g. a team with high maturity but low health. The team markers have a hover function which will allow the user to see team names.

Other Enhancements
  • Growth Item statues can now be updated freely. They are no longer required to go through certain statuses before they can be placed in ‘Done’ or ‘Canceled’
  • Team members will now get an email once they complete their survey that will direct them to login and view their assessment results.
  • The Enterprise Dashboard can now be filtered out by survey type. This will change all widgets on the page to pull data from that specific Radar type.

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