Release 3.3 | 11.02.2015

Release 3.03 – Monday 11/02/2015

Updates to Radars:

We’ve kept the core TeamHealth radar very stable for a while now but decided to make an update to the competencies and questions to better support our KANBAN teams,  thanks so much to our Vistaprint friends for sharing all their feedback!

Our goal is for this TeamHealth  assessment to be used by Agile teams regardless of the method they use, but based on the feedback from our customers, some changes were needed to accommodate both. Here they are:

  1. Changed the competencies ‘Release Plan’ and ‘Iteration Plan’ to ‘Mid-Term Plan’ and ‘Short-Term Plan’ since Kanban teams don’t usually have a ‘Release Plan’. The questions were updated as well to ask about the ‘next couple of weeks’ or ‘next few months’ instead of ‘next iteration’ or ‘next release’.
  2. Changed the competency ‘Predictable Velocity’ to ‘Predictable Delivery’. That actually works out best for Scrum or Kanban teams. Also changed the questions to ask about ‘velocity, lead/cycle time’.
  3. Split out a few questions that seemed to have two different questions in one, we’ll probably do more of that. For example we used to combine a question about ‘tracking target vs. actual results’ and ‘our actual delivery is within 10% of our target’ which now we’ve split into two.
  4. Made some other minor changes to the text of some questions to simplify the language.

As you go through the assessment and notice these changes, please post your feedback below, we’d love to hear from you if you like these changes or have other suggestions. Don’t forget to use the HELP button in your app to also send questions, suggestions or any issues you run into.

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Release 3.2 | 10.16.2015

Release 3.02 – Friday 10/16/2015

Major Features:

  • Uploading Team Members via Excel
    Gone are the days of having to enter in the team member information one at a time. We’ve implemented two new features to improve your user experience for adding team members. You can now add team member and stakeholder information (first name, last name and email address) all in one go by uploading an Excel sheet.
  • Integration with Rally
    Don’t want to upload via Excel? Do you use Rally as your Agile Project Management tool? Ask us to turn it on for your company and see how easy it is to get it set up. If you use a different project management tool, please comment below which ones you would like us to integrate with next!
  • Improved Team Admin Usability
    We have improved the UI for adding and updating team admins information. If you’re a company admin, please check out the improved way of viewing the teams and also to add them. Let us know what you think! Continue Reading

Release 3.1 | 10.03.2015

  • Deleted growth plan items did not update correctly
  • Growth Plan Grid showed HTML tags in description field
  • PDF displayed HTML tags in growth plan  (both full PDF and export to PDF)
  • Export to Excel for Growth Plans for both Team and Multi-Team showed markup in description
  • Export to Excel for Multi-Team Grown Plan did not show ‘Teams Affected’ column
  • Individual Assessments was not allowing html tags in the survey or email message fields

Release 3.0 | 09.14.2015

Individual Health Assessment

  • Creating a ‘Group of Individuals’ team
  • Unlocking the Individual Assessment
    • Turning on the features
    • New wizard
      • Adding Reviewers
      • Bulk Edit vs Individual Edit
  • Individual Assessment Dashboard
  • Individual Assessment Radar Results
  • Individual Assessment PDF

Team Member Login

  • Their Dashboard
  • Viewing their Individual Assessment Results
  • Adding additional reviewers
  • Authorization and Privileges – What team member can see and who can see their results.

Release 2.5 | 8-21-2015

Release 2.5 – Friday 08/21/2015

Major Features:

  • Multi-Team
    • Filter by Tags in the Analytics Section. This is also reflected when saving the PDF
    • Added the ability the ability to hide/show the team names. This is also reflected when saving to PDF
    • Added the Multi-Team PDF
  • Team PDF Improvements 
    • New title page
    • Improved color, fonts, background image, headers
    • Updated PDF to reflect comment section whether at the sub-dimension or dimension level
  • Taking the Survey Improvements
    • Added numbers to the sliders
    • Added the comment section at the sub-dimension level
  • Notes Section
    • New assessments have the notes at the sub-dimension level
    • Old assessments have the notes at the dimension level
  • Enabled HTTPS/TLS for the site
  • Improved Survey Customization
    • Added the ability to customize the font size, family and font for a dimension, sub-dimension and competency
    • Added the ability to create custom survey messages

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