Release 3.0 | 09.14.2015

Individual Health Assessment

  • Creating a ‘Group of Individuals’ team
  • Unlocking the Individual Assessment
    • Turning on the features
    • New wizard
      • Adding Reviewers
      • Bulk Edit vs Individual Edit
  • Individual Assessment Dashboard
  • Individual Assessment Radar Results
  • Individual Assessment PDF

Team Member Login

  • Their Dashboard
  • Viewing their Individual Assessment Results
  • Adding additional reviewers
  • Authorization and Privileges – What team member can see and who can see their results.

Release 2.5 | 8-21-2015

Release 2.5 – Friday 08/21/2015

Major Features:

  • Multi-Team
    • Filter by Tags in the Analytics Section. This is also reflected when saving the PDF
    • Added the ability the ability to hide/show the team names. This is also reflected when saving to PDF
    • Added the Multi-Team PDF
  • Team PDF Improvements 
    • New title page
    • Improved color, fonts, background image, headers
    • Updated PDF to reflect comment section whether at the sub-dimension or dimension level
  • Taking the Survey Improvements
    • Added numbers to the sliders
    • Added the comment section at the sub-dimension level
  • Notes Section
    • New assessments have the notes at the sub-dimension level
    • Old assessments have the notes at the dimension level
  • Enabled HTTPS/TLS for the site
  • Improved Survey Customization
    • Added the ability to customize the font size, family and font for a dimension, sub-dimension and competency
    • Added the ability to create custom survey messages

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Release 2.03 | 7-26-2015

Release 2.03 – Friday 7/26/2015

Major Features:

  • Zendesk Integration
    You said you wanted to submit your issues or suggestions for new features directly from the application, guess what, we want that too! So here it, Zendesk is now integrated and we can’t wait to start hearing from you! Let’s see who sends the very first one!
  • Multi-Team can now filter by tags, meaning you can analyze groups of teams against each other (portfolios, programs, product lines ..etc). Yeah, way cool!
  • Additional Metrics at the Team Level
    We’ve added some new cool ‘hard’ metrics to the team level, check them out!
  • Metrics Section added to the Multi-Team Level
    Ok, if you thought visualizing the hard metrics at the team level was cool, wait until you see what the multi-team rollup view can do! Seriously, this video is worth watching!
  • Preview Survey Questions
    Many AgilityHealth facilitators asked how they can ‘preview’ the questions so when they are reviewing the results during the group session they can go back and get context. So here it is!
  • PDF Improvements
    We’ve made some visual enhancements to the PDF output from the team assessment.
  • Team Dashboard – Grid View Enhancements
    If you have many teams on AgilityHealth, you’re soon going to need some ‘reports’ or a way to answer basic questions about how many assessments have they taken, when and so forth. The grid view will help with that and we’ve beefed it up, check it out.

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Release 2.01 | 6-26-2015

Release 2.01 – Friday 6/26/2015

Major Features:

  • Ability to toggle to Grid View on the dashboard
  • Ability for AgilityHealth super admins (us 🙂 ) to enable or disable ‘Metrics’ and ‘Financial’ features for a company so you can view the team’s point and cost burn up charts, release health and metrics info-graphics.
    Enable-Disable Metrics and Financial Features
  • Ability for AgilityHealth Facilitators to enter assessment notes PLUS provide a team maturity rating after completing an assessment.
    Assessment Notes - Team Maturity

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Hello there! Welcome to our new AgilityHealth community site! This site will contain helpful information such as:

  • AgilityHealth Release Notes
  • Our AgilityHealth LinkedIn Discussion Group
  • Video How-To Tutorials
  • ‘Enabling Business Agility’ Real-World Stories (blogs from our practitioners) 

So stay tuned as we rollout this new site and feel free to post any suggestions or ideas for what else you’d like to see.