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Wondering what are the major capabilities and features provided currently by AgilityHealth? Wonder no more, checkout what our team has currently implemented or take a sneak peak at the ROADMAP page to see what’s coming soon!


Team Member Login

We have streamlined the team member login process! Now when your company is set up within AgilityHealth, you can choose to have your team members login after they have taken the assessment and submitted their answers, team members can login after the assessment has reached its end date or you can allow your AHF’s to select how their team member’s login per assessment. Once they have selected their option, they will be able to view what they have selected by editing the assessment and reviewing the Assessment Details section.

During the Assessment Creation:

After the Assessment Has Been Published:


Maturity Model and Assessment Checklist by Radar type

We have created a custom maturity model that will allow Company Admins to add in their own definitions and/or names that may be used withing their company or current engagement. The assessment checklist can be set up to help facilitators determine the maturity of a team and can relate these steps to newly added maturity names & definitions.







Survey PIN

Several of our facilitators have had issues with participants not receiving the survey invite or not having the time to get our AgilityHealth email address white listed before a retrospective. Our team has developed a way for participants to access their own individual surveys without the need for the invite email! We have created an external open webpage to allow team members to input their email and custom assessment pin to access their specific service link that is connected to their email address. This feature can be turned on under the Manage Features section in Settings. Once the assessment is launched, a new option will appear at the top of the Team Members and Stakeholders list on the edit assessment page.


Teams and Programs now have the ability to benchmark themselves against other teams and programs with their organization! The average health across the teams & programs within the company will make up the benchmark radar that teams & programs can compare against. When view your assessment results, select the Scale Icon   to bring up the Benchmarking Options pop up.

You can then select what you want to compare. You can select ‘All Teams’ to see how you stack up against the entire company, or you can filter it down through several different Tag options. These Tag options are different between a Program level and a Team Level.

Team Level

Program Level

Once you make your selection, the Radar will render and display the results.

You will then see the average of your team’s assessment results stacked up against the average of the entire company! The shading is there to help indicate the spacing between the the lines and pin point were your team is above or below the average of the entire company.

We have also created Infographics to give you little bit more depth into the benchmark data.The boxes below will display the Dimensions total score for the team and a total score for the company. It will then tell you if you are above or below the average and give you a percentage of the difference. 

The “Top 5 Competencies” section shows the team’s 5 highest competencies relative to the benchmark.  The “Lowest 5 Competencies” section shows the team’s 5 lowest competencies relative to the benchmark. These competencies may be higher or lower than the benchmark.

We have also included the Analysis table to drill down into each competences.

AHF Survey

We have developed a quick survey that can be launched following a retrospective to collect feedback about the facilitator and the retrospective. This feature can be enabled by a Site or Company Feature Admin. Once it is turned on, a new option will appear on the review & finish page of the assessment creation process. If selected, a short survey will be sent out to all participants after the end date of an assessment is reached.

Facilitator Dashboard

Company Admins will now have access to the Facilitator Dashboard. This dashboard will allow them to schedule retrospectives for facilitators within their organization as well as view the AHF survey feedback.


Company Admins will now have the ability to schedule retrospectives for all their facilitators in one location! The scheduler is set up much like and online calendar that will show you what retrospectives are coming up and allow you to schedule a other retrospectives based on your facilitator’s availability.



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