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Have you been wondering what features are configurable within your instance of Agility Health or what different permissions you can enable for your Admin users? Well wonder no more! Below you will find a detailed list of the configurable features that are available to Company Admins as well as a list of user permissions that will show which users can do what and what options can be enabled and disable for particular users.

 Configurable Features

  • AgilityHealth can be integrated with Rally/V1/Jira
  • Turn on/off Individual Health radars and the ability to customize them yourself
  • Configure how you tag teams (by program,  by portfolio, by location, by strategic goal, by methodology)
  • Configure team member level tags (refine names of roles, participant groups such as distributed vs co-located)
  • Turn on/off cost calculations at the team or program levels and configure general levels for employee vs contractor cost to generate an iteration cost burn up chart.
  • Configure and add “Coaches” that can provide individual coaching/mentor-ship
  • Change the email message text that is sent for a specific survey
  • Configure notifications that are sent to Team Admins regarding growth items
  • Customize the Maturity levels and a custom checklist of specific items for each radar. For example call the DevOps maturity Crawl/Walk/Run/Fly and add a custom item to check if they are using GitHub.
  • Turn on/off Benchmarking and enable it at the team, program and portfolio levels.
  • Turn on Business Outcomes tracking and define global outcome metrics to be cascaded down across portfolio to programs to teams to Individuals (in next release)
  • Setup Reports to run on a schedule and email you specific data.
  • Customize the Growth Portal with your own content and recommendations for the team’s. Each radar has its own Growth Portal site that can represent that CoPs practices, resources, training and recommendations for growth. (In next release)

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