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AgilityHealth® University

Getting Started

1 Lesson

AgilityHealth Overview

28 minutes Want to know what AgilityHealth is all about? Start here.

2 Lessons

AgilityHealth Demo

24 minutes Learn more about the AgilityHealth Platform and how it works!

3 Lessons

AgilityHealth Case Studies

1 hours Hear from AgilityHealth customers how our platform is helping them in their organizations.


9 Lessons

Continuous Improvement Champion Certification

3 hours | self-led This AgilityHealth® Continuous Improvement for Champions certification enables internal change agents with the skills needed to set up Measure & Grow programs for success and ensure managers and leaders are actioning on improvement plans so that tangible results are achieved. AgilityHealth® Facilitator Certification is a preferred pre-requisite (not required).

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22 Lessons

AgilityHealth Facilitator TeamHealth®

3 hours | self-led This six-step course teaches the knowledge and skills to become an AgilityHealth® Facilitator (AHF)

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10 Lessons

AgilityHealth Facilitator DevOps

8 hours | self-led This course teaches you how to set up, prepare, and facilitate TeamHealth Retrospectives by certifying them as AgilityHealth®️ Facilitators (AHF). The Facilitator plays a crucial role in the organization’s utilization of AgilityHealth®️. Goals of the AHF include providing a positive retrospective experience, creating a solid growth plan with the team, and obtaining valuable feedback for team growth.

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8 Lessons

AgilityHealth Facilitator SAFe®

8 hours | self-led Learn to facilitate effective Measure & Grow retrospectives using AgilityHealth and become a certified AgilityHealth Facilitator. You'll learn how to set up, prepare, facilitate, and follow up on a TeamHealth assessment in addition to gain an overview of the new SAFe® radars included in the platform. As a facilitator, you play a crucial role in being an evangelist for measurement and continuous improvement by turning data into actionable growth plans for teams and their leader.

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3 Lessons

Enterprise Business Agility Strategist

5 days | instructor-led Learn how to enable measurable and sustainable enterprise business agility transformations across all areas of business operations and delivery.

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